Are you looking for a tool to reach out to the parents in your community?

Parenting with Confidence
is a positive and fun parenting workshop that will provide the parents in your community with the essential tools to raise independent and intelligent children. Since its launch in 2003, more than 7,000 parents have benefited from the program.

During one of the sessions, I was asked to write down the positive things I feel towards my child. So I wrote them and decided to stick the note on my 10-year-old daughter's wardrobe. When she saw it, she was so touched. We weren’t doing well recently, the note actually helped mend our relationship. I am so happy I attended the workshop and learned how to better relate to my daughter!
- Workshop Participant

As a Parenting with Confidence facilitator, you will be in the unique position to encourage and empower new and not-so-new parents on the never-ending journey of parenting! What’s more, you will be accredited to conduct workshops of all three age modules (0-6, 7-12 & 13-19 years)! You will also get to attend a free Parenting with Confidence workshop as part of on-the-job training.

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DATE: 30 Sep & 7 Oct (Sat) (UPDATED)
TIME: 10am – 4pm
VENUE: Calvary Baptist Church
48 Wan Tho Avenue
Singapore 347592
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 FEE:  $355 per person (Includes meals and a series of 3 comprehensive age-based Facilitator's Guides)

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How To Register

  1. Complete this Application Form.
  2. Ask one referee to endorse you using this Referee Report and submit to us within 7 days of submitting your Application Form.
  3. If your application is approved, we will provide you a link to register and make payment.

Who Should Attend?
  • Family life ministry and small group leaders who are keen to conduct the programme
  • Outreach ministry leaders who want to reach out to the parents in their community
  • Parents passionate about parenting and helping other parents
What To Expect?
  • An overview of key parenting principles and concepts
  • Sharing of knowledge & facilitation skills by Master Trainer, Cheryl Ng
  • Practical tips and handles on encouraging small group discussion
About the Trainer

Cheryl Ng is an accredited parenting facilitator with Focus on the Family Singapore and Master Trainer for Parenting with Confidence. She dedicated the early part of her career to pursuing her childhood dream of teaching, touching the lives of numerous teenagers in junior colleges for almost 10 years, before switching her attention to bringing up her own children.

Today, she continues to indulge in her passion for young people as an adjunct lecturer at a polytechnic. Her belief in the strength of the family fuels her work in family life education. She upholds the interests of children and families in various ways, like volunteering with MICA as a minister-appointed steering committee member of the Parents Advisory Group for the Internet (2000 to 2005), and sitting on the Publication Consultative Panel and the Film Censorship Panel.

She has discussed her work on internet safety in public seminars and on radio talk shows, and was interviewed for television, magazines and newspapers. She and her family were also featured in a television educational docu-drama. By working with today's children, Cheryl hopes to leave a legacy of grace with tomorrow's leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I am a parent who wants to learn more about parenting skills. Is this training for me?
    We recommend that you attend the Parenting with Confidence workshops or The Parent-Coach Dialogues instead, as the programmes will be more relevant for your needs. This training is suitable for those who are interested to conduct the Parenting with Confidence workshop in their community.
  2. Who can be my referee for my application?
    This person should preferably be someone who has witnessed you in a training/facilitation capacity. Your referee should not be an immediate family member.
  3. If I cannot attend the full duration, can I still register for the training?
    It is most beneficial that you attend the full duration of the training as every component is important. Accreditation will only be awarded upon full attendance of the training.
  4. How can I conduct a Parenting with Confidence workshop as an accredited facilitator?
    1. Gather a group of parents on your own.
    2. Purchase programme materials at $42.50/pax (for first 20 copies; subsequent copies available at $31.50 each).
    3. Empower parents on their journey in parenting!
  5. Is Parenting with Confidence a community programme?
    Yes, Parenting with Confidence has no religious content.
  6. How long will my accreditation last for?
    Your accreditation will end 5 years after your last workshop conducted or 5 years from year of accreditation, whichever is more recent.

For further enquiries, please contact us at 6336 1444 / [email protected]