Parents of Primary Schoolers (7-10)

Our school-aged children may be growing up to become more independent, but are still in need of our ongoing attention, input and guidance. This can contribute to a busy time in your life when you find yourself juggling your own career with being physically and emotionally present for your child.

It's time to get yourself disciplined to conduct regular family devotions. Get together as a family to reflect together on a passage of Scripture, helping your child relate the Word to their daily lives and store it in their hearts.

Encourage your child to start learning how to say their own prayers and help them inculcate a love for God's word by reading regularly with them from their Bible (storybooks). There's no better way than to visibly demonstrate faith at home than for them to see you praying and reading God's word.

Prayerfully consider serving in church or helping the less fortunate together as a family, or even going on a family mission trip. You can model who God is and what a personal relationship with Him is like, as you demonstrate your love and God's love for people outside of your home. This will help them take ownership of their own faith and ultimately, their salvation.

Parents have the responsibility of imparting values to children in this critical period of development. Begin by first identifying your own values as a family.


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