The wedding marks the beginning of life with a new status - "married". The first years of marriage are a period of discovery and adjustments as you learn what it is like to live together and build a new family.

Though challenging and often confusing, the transition from independence to interdependence is absolutely vital to the marriage union. Read a good book on marriage together to help you master the art of connecting and developing intimacy in your marriage. As a husband, you are learning what it means to be the head of the household. Seeking out other husbands further ahead in this journey can lend helpful insights to how you can humbly lead and love your wife. As a wife, you are not just your husband's soulmate, but his God-given helpmate. Respecting and faithfully serving your husband while confidently walking in your own individual identity can be tricky. Identify with your husband a more matured couple who can mentor you.


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