Parents of Teens

As our teens begin to assert their independence, it is important for us to continue to walk with them.

Teens can be vulnerable to what others say or think about them, and may even appear overly self-conscious of the way they look and what they do. Remind them as often as necessary that their self-worth in Christ and their value to you will never change. Teens with a healthy, stable identity will be more resistant to peer pressure.

As a dad, you alone will demonstrate to your son what it means to be a real man. As a mum, you alone will demonstrate to your daughter what it means to blossom into womanhood. If you are parenting alone, secure the help of a trusted adult of the same gender as your child, eg, your child's youth pastor or mentor.

As a dad, recognize your unique contribution in your tendency to emphasize competition, challenge, initiative, and risk-taking. As a mum, celebrate your unique contribution in how you tend to emphasize your child's need for emotional security and personal safety. Parenting together will therefore produce a well-balanced and adjusted young individual capable of facing the world.

The most acute transitions of puberty are either well under way or completed. Our teen is maturing - in mind and emotions. With it, their sense of self should also be stabilizing. Whether our child has learnt mainly through wisdom or the School of Hard Knocks, they are coming of age into their own personhood. Celebrate with them!

Teens need to be equipped with skills to contribute to the workforce in the future, and more importantly, to live out their calling in Christ. Help your teen discover their strengths and weaknesses by taking a personality inventory. Guide them to find opportunities to be exposed to fields/work they are interested in. Discuss with them available career options that fit their personalities and wiring, and share with them your journey of discovering your life purpose.


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