Parents of Primary Schoolers (7-10)

Our school-aged children may be growing up to become more independent, but are still in need of our ongoing attention, input and guidance. This can contribute to a busy time in your life when you find yourself juggling your own career with being physically and emotionally present for your child.

The best way to teach your child to relate to the world is by example and modeling the integrity and character you hope to see in them. Demonstrate good manners, how to treat others with dignity and respect, how to share, and when and why apologise.

Friendships are becoming increasingly important to children, and learning skills for making new friends is essential. Teach your children basic social skills, how to make friends, and what makes a good friend. Involve them in your own social circles where appropriate to expose them to different social interactions.

As you busy with life and parenting responsibilities, don't neglect the most important relationship in your family - your marriage. It is said that the number one (unspoken) fear of children in developed countries is that their parents would separate/divorce. So make sure regular date nights with your spouse continue.


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