Parents of Preschoolers (4-6)

Your preschooler's personality is becoming more defined! This is an opportune time to provide them with opportunities to develop according to their natural bent.

Contrary to popular culture, our primary goal for our children is holiness, not happiness. This forms the basis of why we need to exercise loving discipline toward our children, to provide them with boundaries within which they are safe - and then they will be happy. Teaching obedience can be challenging, but if children don't know what it's like to obey their parent who they can see, how would they know to obey God who they cannot see?

Healthy conflict helps a marriage to grow and evolve. Handled rightly, arguments have the potential to foster greater understanding, trust and connection. If your in-laws are intruding into your married life and interfering with your parenting approach, you and your spouse need to agree upon and establish your own family principles and communicate them respectfully.

To parent effectively requires team effort. Work hand in hand with your spouse and leverage on your unique strengths and qualities as a mother and a father.

Children are like a sponge, absorbing everything you say and do. Help them understand why relationships are important by demonstrating how they work, eg, having a Christ-centred relationship, and other-centred attitude and an unwavering commitment to making your marriage work - and thrive!

Although your child is becoming a more social creature and keen on friends, adult approval is still very important in filling their love tank. Proactively praise them when they behave cooperatively, for their eagerness to learn and be taught, when they show kindness and empathy to others, and for expressing their emotions in constructive or socially acceptable ways. You may just be surprised at how this can avert a tantrum!


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