Parents of Teens

As our teens begin to assert their independence, it is important for us to continue to walk with them.

Continue to sow the idea of sex being good - as God designed it, within a committed lifelong marriage. Encourage your teen to make a purity pact with you or take an abstinence pledge - a commitment to keep themselves sexually pure for marriage.

The novelty and myriad of available material make Internet porn enticing but also dangerously addictive, as unsuspecting users get drawn into sexual fantasies that they could even act out virtually with other users in cybersex. Regardless of whether our teen wants it, they require some level of parental supervision and proper accountability in media usage, lest they fall prey to these sexual temptations.

Encourage group activities with the opposite sex as opposed to single dating situations, so your teen can learn how to relate to the opposite sex and have fun without unnecessary romantic expectations or sexual pressure.


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