Parents of Primary Schoolers (7-10)

Our school-aged children may be growing up to become more independent, but are still in need of our ongoing attention, input and guidance. This can contribute to a busy time in your life when you find yourself juggling your own career with being physically and emotionally present for your child.

You should set specific standards for your children's media viewership, and nurture in them a healthy regard for quality and values. Primary schoolers may not always enjoy school or the process of learning, but you can remind them that being disciplined in studying is beneficial for them. Couples should have the highest regard for the sanctity of marriage, and strongly oppose divorce as an "easy" way of solving marital discord. Mutual encouragement with like-minded individuals who seek to make a difference in the workplace would be beneficial.

Just as we contend daily with the world's culture, so do our children. Help them by equipping them to distinguish between wholesome and harmful content in the media, to differentiate what is good and right, to respond with empathy and respect other people's points of view that may differ from our own.

Living in a gobalized and fast-paced Singapore will expose our children to stress. Equip them to manage the stress of tests and homework deadlines while juggling co-curricular activities and remedial lessons. Most importantly, share with them your own struggles as a parent - while parenting brings many challenges, the joys and rewards are great. Give them a larger vision of life that goes beyond the present day and promises of immediate gratification.


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