Parents of Teens

As our teens begin to assert their independence, it is important for us to continue to walk with them.

Teens often have their own ideas of what they want and how to do things. However, we should not apologize as their parents in looking out for their welfare. Help them establish strong life principles to guard against them adopting socially undesirable or risky behaviors like playing truant or taking drugs.

Media discernment encourages balanced (vs. extreme) behaviour, develops critical thinking and gives teens life skills they'll carry through till adulthood. Inspire them to know and act in accordance with God's Word in all aspects of life, by demonstrating it in your own life.

Taking an interest in your teen's studies, supporting their interests and encouraging them to overcome their weaknesses will help motivate them towards their goal. It is hard work that results in long-term achievement, so focus your praise on their effort rather than on how well they do.

It's crucial to adapt your teaching and your example to your teen's expanding intellectual capacities. If they're to internalize your values and beliefs, they need to understand the reasons and rationale behind them.

Peer groups will slowly have a smaller influence on their opinions and actions, and parents' advice and values will become more readily accepted. So hang in there!


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