Parents of Tweens (11-12)

While your tween is beginning to develop their own identity and worldview, you'd need to balance parental guidance with giving them room to test their wings in the controlled and safe environment of home.

As your child prepares to sit for their first major examinations, they may face increasing pressure to excel academically. You can play an ongoing active role in tracking and encouraging your child's school progress, coaching and troubleshooting as early as necessary. However, help them to know that your love is not conditional on their performance.

Don't be afraid to monitor your tween's online activity while training them to take ownership of responsible and healthy Internet use. Help them make wise entertainment choices based on biblical principles.

Your tween's worldview is being formed and that will govern their attitudes, influence their decisions and determine their actions. Apart from helping your child learn how to discern right from wrong and empowering them to say "no" to bad influences, explain how you arrived at your family's standards to give them the rationale for making good choices. Keeping your own relationship with God thriving will also set a godly example and positively influence your children's view of God, themselves and the world in general.


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