1. Apply Whole Life Discipleship in your church

    • Equip your church elders, pastors and staff on Whole Life Discipleship

    • Map the 5 pillars to each of the major steps in your local church’s discipleship process

    • Plan curricula, programs and sermon series to cover the 5 pillars

    To request for a church consultation on the Whole Life Discipleship framework, please contact us at [email protected].

  2. Champion Whole Life Discipleship with other churches

    • Introduce the framework to fellow elders/pastors

    • Invite equipping or Christian Education leaders to our events

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  3. Share resources from Whole Life Discipleship web platform

    • Offer tools and articles to other churches through the website

    • Share your church’s journey as an encouragement to others

    • Provide your feedback on how we can improve the website

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