Date: 25 – 26 August 2017 (Friday – Saturday)
Time: 9.30am – 6.00pm (Fri), 9.30am – 3.00pm (Sat)
Venue: Elim Church
1079 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328182 / Boon Keng MRT (Exit A)


Through insightful plenary sessions, authentic life stories and focused breakout sessions, this 2-day symposium will equip leaders in thinking through and communicating the Christian worldview on sexuality in concise and persuasive ways. Come and be equipped with tools to manage the shifting standards of sexuality and values.

Key Benefits

  1. Hear from Jose Philip, evangelist and apologist from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific), and Jillian Lee, Principal and Programme Director at Sterling Campus Singapore
  2. Be equipped to disciple in the area where sexuality intersects with values
  3. Glean valuable lessons from breakout sessions on articulating the Christian worldview on sexuality



AUG 25 (FRI)


AUG 26 (SAT)

  • Keynote 1: Jose Philip
    The Biblical Basis for Sexuality
  • Keynote 2: Ben KC Lee
    Sexual Worldviews and Pop Culture
  • Breakout Sessions
    (on knowing and living out the biblical worldview on sexuality)
  • Panel Session
  • Keynote 3: Jillian Lee
    Responding to How Culture Treats Sex
  • Keynote 4: Ben KC Lee
    Why Sex Is Best In Marriage
  • Breakout Sessions
    (on sharing and engaging with others on the biblical worldview on sexuality)

Please note: Programme is subject to change.
Further details will be published closer to the Symposium.
We encourage you to refer back to this page from time to time.

Keynote Speakers

Mr Jose Philip

Director at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific)

More about Jose

Jose is an Evangelist and Apologist with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific). He also lectures on Apologetics, Christian Ethics, and Gospel & Culture at Singapore Bible College, Baptist Theological Seminary, and Bible College of Malaysia.

Ms Jillian Lee

Programme Director and Principal at Sterling Campus, Singapore

More about Jillian

Jillian is deeply passionate about educating the next generation from a biblical perspective and helping them find their true identity in Christ. She derives great joy from her current role at Sterling Campus where she guides young people in their faith.

Pastor Ben KC Lee

Head, Sexual Wholeness, Focus on the Family Singapore

More about Ben

Ben coaches pastors and equip congregations to take an integrated approach to human sexuality. He also mentors people working through issues of sexuality both in opposite-sex attraction and in same-sex attraction. Ben speaks regularly on a range of sexuality topics at various platforms.

Track Sessions

Track Breakout Sessions are designed to widen our perspectives and help take our ministries and families forward with new discipleship ideas. These sessions have been specifically crafted for believers in the marketplace, school educators and tertiary students.

Working Adults

∙ Workplace trends on the worldview of sexuality
∙ Gate-keeping God’s design for sexuality in the marketplace
∙ Educating believers and the community on values regarding sexuality

These sessions are specifically catered to church leaders who are working in the marketplace.

*Note: These topics are subject to change.

Jeff Cheong
Jeff has led an ad agency to grow from a 4-person team to a staggering total of 105 and counting. His hands-on, always-on approach greatly benefited the brands he has worked with. Jeff thoroughly enjoys his family, and together, they enjoy learning new skills and getting involved in community work.

Kwong Kin Mun
Kin Mun is a career banker, having joined the industry after graduation 36 years ago. He has been married with 2 kids for 30 years, and is deeply passionate about protecting the family unit in Singapore.

Carol Loi
Carol serves as a digital literacy educator and a parent coach, having spent 2 decades in public service at MOE and IMDA. She speaks to educators and parents in schools, churches and the community. She and her husband have 2 teenage daughters.

School Educators

∙ How do I counter prevailing mind set on sexuality in my classroom?
∙ How do I shape the Christian worldview on sexuality for my students?

We have scheduled the Track Breakout Sessions later in the afternoon on Friday so that more can benefit from these sessions which are specifically catered to church leaders who teach in secondary schools, junior colleges, and polytechnics.

*Note: These topics are subject to change.

Belinda Charles
Belinda worked up the ranks, starting as a teacher and retiring as a principal, with her last post at St Andrew's Secondary School. She continues to stay in touch with the goings-on in the education sphere through various MOE projects and the Academy of Principals.

Leo June Kit
June Kit has been teaching at Dunman High School for the past 4 years, and he serves in St. John's-St. Margaret's Church in the Sunday School. He also serves on his church’s inter-generational nursing home-cum-childcare project committee, and Volunteer Management Committee.

Tertiary Students

∙ What do values look like for millennials?
∙ How do I confidently articulate my Christian convictions on sexual choices?
∙ How do I share the Christian worldview on sexuality with my friends?

These sessions are specifically catered to youth leaders who are studying in junior colleges, polytechnics, and universities.

*Note: These topics are subject to change.

Lynn Chia
Lynn is a final year Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information student who writes part-time at on faith, work & relationship issues. She believes that it is important for Christian students to be educated and aware about the increasingly prevalent issues that plague the campus and its subsequent effects on the student community and culture. She aims to provide a sharing that would be relevant in encouraging fellow Christian students in their walk in their campus context and beyond.

Hariharan Nair
Hariharan is a recent Psychology & Communication honours graduate of the University at Buffalo in the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). He currently leads the campus ministry in SIM and has a genuine passion to see the transformative power of the gospel reach people living on the fringes of society.

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