Three Pointers On How To Trust God With The Unknown

By Whole Life
29 Jun, 2016

Are you fearful of your future, uncertain of where to go? How do you prepare for what's lying in wait for you at your next life stage? Lisa Anderson gives us three pointers on how to trust God with the unknown.

First, she points out that you are not alone, because everyone, whatever their life stage, is trusting God with something. While some people are trusting God with a family or financial situation, others are trusting Him with education or health issues. Some grapple with the possibility of marriage, while for others, it’s with parenting their children.

Second, Anderson stresses that you need to keep moving. No one life stage is a “waiting room” for when your life is really going to start or when your dream is finally coming true. We have to bloom where we are planted right at this moment. It is when we faithfully steward the different stepping stones in our life that God can grow us into the person He wants us to be.

Lastly, she says that God is intimately involved in your life. He knows the full picture, so we don’t have to scurry around trying to achieve success by ourselves. What we need to do is to abide in Jesus, let Him grow us up, and He will make our lives fruitful. She underscores that God is truly working behind the scenes, so we can wholly trust Him and His good plans for us.


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