The Whole Life Inventory

The Whole Life Inventory is a multi-dimensional instrument designed for churches to assess and understand the health of their congregation in the 5 pillars—Faith, Identity, Relationships, Sexuality, and Values—that contribute toward thriving families in the Church.

What the Inventory has found so far:

  • 3 in 5 Christian couples have never read the Bible together or do so less than once a month
  • 1 in 4 Christian parents has never prayed or worshiped together with their children
  • 30% of Christians surveyed have viewed pornography in the past 6 months

How does the Inventory work?

  • The online survey platform makes it easily accessible to your congregation
  • Members of participating churches will be given a unique access code that allows them to take the inventory for free
  • Our Whole Life team will then analyse the collected data and generate reports on key findings to be presented to your church

Who is this Inventory for?

All congregation members aged 13 and above.

Why the Whole Life Inventory?


Covers 5 major areas that affect spiritual health in a single assessment

Gives an overview of your congregation while capturing detailed snapshots of the different demographic groups (singles, couples, parents) in your congregation

All data is anonymous and kept confidential to encourage honest responses from your members


Meaningful Conclusions based on Scientific Data:

Potential relationships between key variables are examined

Findings presented go beyond numerical figures and percentages


Enabling church leaders to:

Identify and prioritise the areas of growth in your congregation

Facilitate intentional and differentiated ministry across life stages

Integrate ministry formats, curriculum choices and pulpit planning for the future

Springboard for Partnerships

Promote dialogue and synergy between leaders and members in relational discipleship

Want to find out more or introduce the Whole Life Inventory to your church? View our list of FAQs, or contact us at [email protected] or 6336 1444.